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Work Your Way Around Confidently With Proper Makeup For Acne


Persons with acne do not like to mix in a crowd with their infection giving an unsightly facial appearance. Naturally, they will be doing their best to get rid of this condition, but it takes a few days to get complete cure. Acne and acne scars can be hidden in the meantime with good makeup for acne.

With the help of proper set of makeup kit you can effectively mask the acne scars. While using a makeup for acne, you should remember that this is only to conceal acne condition, not a curative treatment.

Before using any brand or type of makeup for acne for the first time, you should test it by dabbing a small portion on the skin and wait for an hour to find out if you are allergic to that product combination. One you are able to decide on a safe kit, stick to that type only.

Another important point is the makeup for acne should not contain too much oil; this could only promote formation of acne.

Pre Makeup Action

As usual, wash the face with a good face cleanser. Pat dry with soft cloth and apply the acne treatment medication. Allow the face to dry naturally after the application.


The first step in making up for acne is using a concealer.  Apply it by dabbing on and around the acne sites. Blend it with skin using a disposable soft sponge; many use soft brush, but this is not recommended as it can carry infected particles.  Apply as thinly as possible. You do not want to be uncomfortable with a heavy load. The concealer will soon dry up.

Next apply foundation mask. Again, use a disposable sponge. Avoid rubbing in the foundation. This can be applied during the day as and when its effect gets reduced.

Give final touch by spreading a very fine layer of completely dry and oil free powder. It is best to use a matt finish powder as this is more effective in concealing the acne and giving an even tone to your skin throughout.

Despite applying your makeup for acne as best as possible, you will definitely need to touchup as the day progresses, hence carry your concealer, foundation and compact powder with you. Remember to retouch as thinly as possible.

How Long to use a Makeup for Acne

It should be used for as short a time as possible; corollary is that it should be used only when required. Rest of the time, allow the acne medication to work without interference. Also, exposure of skin to air discourages bacterial growth (remember, acne bacteria grow happily in absence of air/oxygen). Thus, your make up should preferably be removed as soon as you can, e.g. upon returning home, and definitely before going to bed  as your 8 hours of sleep is the repair time for your body.

Good make up products for acne along with right way of applying acne makeup will surely mask the acne scars. When buying make up for acne, do not compromise on the quality of the products because of cost factor; cheaper product may do more harm than good.

Makeup for Acne

Makeup for Acne