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Home Remedies for Acne

Will Spare You Of Acne Embarrassment

Acne is a common skin infection that many teenagers dread to experience. Often, it can affect adults too.  Hormonal activity during puberty releases more sebum in the skin. While this fat prevents dehydration of the skin, its entrapment under the skin due to clogged pores encourages certain bacteria that thrive in absence of oxygen and cause infection. Inflammation around acne is natural reaction of the body to fight the infection. Other factors that can cause acne are stresses and fatigue, excess oil and fat in diet, etc.

Home Remedies for Acne

Located in upper layers of the skin, acne infection is easy to treat with home remedies. Acne is best treated with topical applications which give fast relief as well as taking other measures which will prevent recurrence of acnes.

Immediate Acne Treatment

There are various types of treatments of existing acne condition which can be done from home. These include topical application of essential oils like tea tree oil, clove oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil (or menthol)  and bergamot oil which kill acne causing bacteria due to their anti-bacterial properties. Along with these, other oils like those of rosewood, jojoba, cedar wood, etc are used for improving the condition of the acne affected skin. Additionally, exposing skin to vapors of these oils (a few drops in hot water) is also effective.

Using hydrogen peroxide is another effective way to treat acne due to its antibacterial as well as anti-septic activity. Treatment with hydrogen peroxide should be followed by applying creams that that tone the skin, e.g. witch hazel, rose water, chamomile, etc. Lastly, a good moisturizer need to be applied on the skin to restore glow.

There are many other home remedy concoctions that are being used for treating acne like vitamin E along with honey, aloe juice for quick healing, application of ground nutmeg with milk, lemon juice to name a few. One can find a number of kitchen remedies online to treat acne.

Maintaining Healthy Acne-free Skin

Another important factor is maintaining one’s skin after getting acne cure. This is necessary as acne can recur very easily in adolescence. Healthy diet and active life style will encourage formation of glowing skin through proper circulation of the blood. Exercises can help by throwing out toxins in the skin through sweat.

Use gentle soap over the infected parts.  Excessive exposure to sunlight is best avoided. Use of cosmetics should be restricted to types which contain more moisture than oil.

Young people are known to be a bit care free when it comes to diet. To keep acne at a bay, consume adequate fruits, vegetables, and, supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals, if required.  Healthy skin reduces chances of scarring. Active lifestyle and exercise tone the body and help improve blood circulation and cleanse your skin by throwing out the toxins in the skin through sweat.


Water is one of the cheapest ingredients necessary treating acne problems.  It maintains hydration in the body which is necessary for discouraging acne formation and helps flush out toxins and impurities from the body. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily; maintain radiance of your skin.


Home Remedies For Acne