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Fordyce Spots Treatment

Fordyce Spots

Most people who have Fordyce spots certainly don't like their appearance.  However, they don't cause any serious health problems as long as you leave them alone.  You should never squeeze the spots like you would when popping a pimple.

Fordyce spots are simply blood vessels that are unusually dilated.  These blood vessels are covered by thick skin.  Since they're actually blood vessels, it's possible for them to bleed if you injure the area.

Doctors don't exactly know why Fordyce spots occur in people.  They are small papules that can be a variety of colors including white, yellowish, or red.  These spots or bumps can affect anyone regardless of their age or sex.

They typically occur on the lips or inside the cheeks.  However, they also commonly show up on the sexual organs of men and women.  Men will have them on their penile glands or shaft, while women will develop them on their labia.  A solitary lesion may occur or they may also occur in groups.

As mentioned earlier, Fordyce spots don't cause any heath problems.  People typically don't like them because of their appearance.  They also resemble a sexually transmitted disease, so they can cause embarrassment with a sexual partner who doesn't know any better.

Since they look like a sign of a sexually transmitted disease, individuals often make a visit to their doctors to get a diagnosis.  They're often mistaken for a form of cancer or genital warts.

Doctors will usually advise their patients that there is no need for treatment of Fordyce spots.  However, it's possible for these spots to become irritated and cause you to start itching.  If this happens, then you may want to see a dermatologist.

Unfortunately, there is no surefire way to treat Fordyce spots.  There are a variety of treatment options that can prove successful however.  They involve cauterizing or the use of lasers.

One of the primary options to treat Fordyce spots involves electrocauterizing the size.  This treatment option is typically only used when the spots are causing problems by bleeding.  The device using a small electric current to correct the bleeding problem.

Lasers can also be used to diminish the appearance of Fordyce spots.  The use of lasers has proven successful, but there's always the risk of scarring when using this method of treatment.

Another option for treating Fordyce spots involves the use of chemical peels.  You would likely need to keep getting them. Once you stop, the Fordyce spots may return very quickly.  A final method used to treat these areas uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the areas.  This is commonly used as a last resort though.

If you have Fordyce spots, it's important for you to know that they can cause you no serious harm.  You'll probably just be embarrassed because of their appearance, especially if they occur on your sexual organs.  They can cause bleeding problems however, especially if the area is injured.  If the spots become irritated, you may want to visit a dermatologist to see what he can do about them.