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Importance Of  Proper Diet For Acne Treatment


Everyone would love to have that baby skin, but find themselves in distress as soon as signs of acne begin to surface. This is more common during adolescence phase and affects both sexes.

When treating acne, most of the people focus on medications like creams or natural products like essential oils that are applied on the acne skin. In extreme cases, one may consult a dermatologist. Often the role of diet for acne is overlooked.

It is now accepted that foods that clog your intestines are linked to occurrence of acne. A good diet is necessary for nourishing the skin and to avoid acne. Similarly, when you suffer from acne, you need to focus on avoiding foods that not only hamper acne recovery but also promote acne condition.

Let us start with some of the most important observations made in various studies that tried to link occurrence of acne to consumption of various types of food.

Western diet, which includes soda, beef, dairy products and processed foods was found to be associated with increased prevalence of acne. Teenagers who consumed at least three serving of milk were found to suffer from acne more frequently than those who consumed less than 1 serving daily. This was probably due to presence of hormones in milk that increased the risk of getting acne.  Studies have also thrown up an interesting observation that population which consumes foods low in fat content and having low glycemic index did not have significant acne problems. Another study has found that omega-6 fatty acids promoted inflammation like that seen with acne whereas omega-3 fatty acids possess anti inflammatory properties which may be associated with decreased risk of getting acne.

Keeping these observations in mind let us find out what should diet for acne look like:

· Your diet should have high fiber content because it cleanses clogged colons allowing absorption of nutrients that help fight acne, and remove toxins from the body which otherwise may play a role in acne formation.

· Diet should avoid foods that have high fat content.

· Peanuts are associated with increased acne activity; adolescent are more prone to this effect.

· Fried foods are strictly a no—no as they will definitely promote acne breakouts.

· Processed foods contain high salt and preservatives which are not recommended when you suffer from acnes.

· Dairy products such as milk, cheese, butter, ice-cream, cottage cheese should be avoided to a large extent. As mentioned above, milk products contain certain hormones that affect the well-being of the skin and cause breakouts of skin blemishes.

Your acne diet

must exclude foods high in carbohydrates, especially foods with high glycemic index. Also, low carbohydrate diet will mean moderate insulin level in the body –an important factor for controlling acne formation.

· Complimenting the diet for acne treatment with supplements that contain Vitamin A, E and B6, trace metal elements like selenium, zinc, and chromium as well as Omega-3 Fatty Acid will go a long way in helping control acne formation.

· Limit the amount of soda, sugary snacks, and other "junk foods" whenever possible.

· Last, but definitely not the least, consume at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day.

While healthy diet for acne alone will not cure your acne, it will definitely help increase the effect of acne medication to get smooth, glowing and acne free skin sooner.


Diet for Acne