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Acne Oils – First Choice of Your Acne Treatment

If you are faced with embarrassing situation because of acne problem, try acne oil treatment. Certain essential oils are known to promote healing of this skin condition. All teenagers often face this condition some time or the other. Besides being unsightly, acne does not pose serious health hazard. It should be handled timely and properly to ensure that you do not get scars.

Acne Oil-First Line of Treatment

Perhaps the first line of treatment for acne should be essential acne oils because these are natural products and very powerful in their action, besides being safe. Being home remedy, this treatment will be an asset, but you need to monitor the effect closely. Let’s start with the reasons of choosing the essential oils for acne treatment.

Why Essential Oils?

These natural oils have strong anti-bacterial attributes (remember clove oil for gum pain!).  Sebum which is fatty oil very closely linked to occurrence of acne. It clogs the pores in the skin, causes formation of pustules in the form of whiteheads or blackheads which become infected with bacteria.

It is necessary to get rid of sebum first, but it cannot be removed with the use of water as it is neither soluble in nor miscible with water. Any acne oil, on the other hand, will help removal of sebum as the later will easily mix with it.

Effective Acne Oils

Two types of essential oils can be used – those with antibacterial properties and others with the use of which the skin will become get back its healthier look.


Among the acne oils with anti-bacterial action, following are considered to be effective:



The following oils help the skin get back its glow:


Besides above oils, there are other oils with beneficial properties too.

How to Use Acne Oils

You could mix any of the oils from above list to treat your acnes; make sure that you choose at least one of the oils from each of the categories.


Many of the essential oils in their pure form can be very harsh and irritating when applied on the skin. It should be diluted by mixing with milder form like grape seed oil, almond oil, canola oil, or even olive oil which also prevents dehydration of the skin.


Such concoctions can be applied on the skin. If you have oily skin, then a better way to treat your acne would be to add a few drop of undiluted oils in warm to slightly hot water in a basin and expose the skin to the vapors created from the mixture(caution: keep distance from the water to avoid scalding). This may be done at least three times a day. Also, supplement your treatment by adding a few drops of acne oil mixture to your bath water.


Acne will reduce and be eliminated in a few days time. Additionally, your skin will also begin to get back its original radiance. So good is this treatment that you may consider doing it once or twice a week, even if you do not have an acne problem; not only will it prevent appearance of acne, it will also maintain your skin in good shape.

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