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Acne Face Washing For Faster Acne Relief

Many people with acne feel embarrassed to mix with others as their facial condition will make them look ugly besides becoming a topic of discussion among others. While you may be doing whatever is required to get rid of this horrible condition, you would need to take adequate precautions to prevent spreading of acne. Until acne on your face is completely got rid of, you should maintain your facial skin in as healthy a condition as possible; without this, it will be difficult to remove acne.

Acne Face Washing –A Necessity

Washing your face with gentle face wash will unclog the pores in the skin. For skin with acne, you will need a face wash that is specially made keeping in mind that the face wash not only cleanses the skin, but also helps in your efforts to  fight the infection . Hence, the first step in controlling your acne problem is to look for an appropriately medicated face wash. You can also find acne face washing lotions with natural ingredients like lemon juice or tea tree oil, but these are not necessary for acne face washing. Read labels to ensure that the face wash is "oil-free" as well as "non-comedogenic" (non-acne aggravating).

Formation of acne is encouraged when you have an oily skin. Hence, your face wash should not have much oil in it. Many face washes contain salicylic acid or benzyl peroxide, both of which are known to have good anti-acne effect. Facial wash with any type of abrasive material should be strictly avoided. Remember normal bathing soap is not suitable as it can cause unwanted excessive dryness of skin, besides carrying the acne causing bacteria on its surface.

How To Wash the Face and How Often

Wash your hands well with anti-bacterial soap before starting to cleanse your skin. Splash warm water to prepare your skin for use of face wash; it opens the pores (cold water has opposite effect). Splash it generously over the face. Dry the face by dabbing with soft towel.

Take a small amount of the acne face washing lotion and apply it with your fingers gently beginning with cheeks in circular movements. Excessive rubbing will cause irritation that may turn the skin red. Avoid the area around the eyes. The pressure should be very mild and should not have a dragging effect. Continue for 30 seconds to a minute. Next, rinse the face and dry again using a fresh soft towel. End with an oil free and alcohol free toner or skin moisturizer.

Acne face washing should be done in the morning and before going to bed. Doing this more often will only encourage the skin to produce more natural oil-something that will promote acne infection.

It should be remembered that the ritual of acne face washing is carried out just to cleanse the acne skin. It is an aid for acne treatment with topical application of acne cream or other acne remedies. Acne face washing should be considered as an important part of acne treatment. Make sure to choose the right acne face washing product.

Acne Face Washing