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Easy Home Treatment of Acne with Hydrogen Peroxide

Acne is cause by bacterial infection in the skin when the pores get clogged with sebum and accumulated dirt. The infection leads to the inflammation causing pimples and acne. Generally adolescent population is more prone to acne condition. One of the treatments that come in mind when dealing acne is that using hydrogen peroxide.

Acne is caused by bacterium known as Propionibacterium acnes which survives on fatty material like sebum; interestingly these bacteria can survive only in absence of oxygen. It is this condition that is targeted when you treat acne with hydrogen peroxide.

Acne and Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizing agent. When it is applied on the infected skin, it gets reduced to water and releases oxygen which create conditions inimical for survival of bacteria in the sebum.  The water so formed helps drain the pores off the clogged material. It is not advisable to use strong solution of hydrogen peroxide - 3% should be good enough; stronger solutions can cause burning sensation and bleaching if skin

Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment

For hydrogen peroxide to work efficiently, it is necessary to clean the surface of the skin around acne or pimples. To start with wash your hands thoroughly. A mild soap should help remove dirt, make up leftovers and oil layers (if you have oily skin). Soften the skinheads by dabbing the area softly with hot water that contains salt. Hold the warm dab on that are for some time. This may be done two or three times.  

Take hydrogen peroxide solution in a container; dip cotton swab in it and apply it over the acne surface. Avoid rubbing as it may cause irritation and may hurt. Also do not use it near the hair as it would bleach them. If you use Q Tip dabbed with hydrogen peroxide, then roll it over the acne surface. Let this remain for a few minutes. Take precaution that the peroxide dab does not touch the eyes or the area surrounding them.  

Use the hydrogen peroxide solution as soon as you pour it out as it is unstable in air and will lose its effect. Similarly, close the bottle immediately after pouring a small amount into the container.

Wash the face with the mild soap again; apply skin toner (e.g. Witch Hazel, rose water, chamomile, etc).

Apply moisturizer (preferably one that does not contain too much of oily substances) after wards to negate the drying effect during hydrogen peroxide treatment.

Acne And Hydrogen Peroxide –Precautions

Using hydrogen peroxide in higher concentrations does not necessarily give faster result; in fact, it can be harmful (burns, bleaches the skin, irritation if near the eyes, excessive drying effect). Hydrogen peroxide should not be used for too long at a time nor should you use it every day.

Buy hydrogen peroxide only from a medical dealer as any other grade may not be ideal for use; make sure that it is of required strength. Treat your acne with care. Do not forget to take care of your skin to avoid repeated acne infections; avoiding foods high in fat content will also help.

Acne and Hydrogen Peroxide